Over the years I’ve had a handful of people lose their thumbdrive to fire/running it over with their car (seriously)/hard drive crashes/misplacing it. Here are a few ways to make sure your images will never be lost.

Secure Your Photos in Multiple Locations

While you receive a thumbdrive with your collection, it is important to back up your files in at least two other locations. A home computer is one option. However, computers crash, so it is important to have another option too. If you have an Amazon Prime account, they offer unlimited photo storage online through “Amazon Drive.” Dropbox is another great online storage option.

For me personally, I back up my photos online, on hard drives, and in a separate location. I also print my most cherished photos so that I have a tangible copy as well. Speaking of print…

The Importance of Print

I truly believe in the power of print. I look at the photos that are on my wall, in my wedding album, and in our other photo books far more than I pull them up on my computer. There is a different connection to getting to feel them on paper than staring at them on a screen.

Technology changes at a rapid rate (remember floppy drives?), and I believe that print will outlive whatever technology you are currently using. This is why I offer handcrafted albums + books, as well as archival prints that will last for a lifetime. I encourage you to print your photos, whether through me or through a local lab.

If Your Images Are Lost

While I can’t guarantee that I will store your photos forever, I do happen to have every wedding backed up. However, I strongly recommend that you back up all of your photos (especially your wedding photos!) for your own peace of mind.

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