2020 GOALS

This blog is a journal of sorts for me. For the past several years, I’ve taken the time to document my goals for the coming season. It’s fascinating to look back and see how my life + priorities have changed over the years.

Per tradition, let’s see how I did with last year’s goals:


1.Reclaim my health

The celiac diagnosis hit me hard emotionally. It was (and still is) a tough thing to come to terms with, as food is such a huge part of relationships and community. We are also foodies, and being limited to where and what I can eat is difficult. Thankfully, it was caught early, so I didn’t have as much damage as some people do. 

// See an acupuncturist to help with healing inflammation.

// Find a new GI doctor. Not loving my current one.

// Daily meditation practice. Or, maybe 4-5x’s/wk.
Need to work on this still.

// Weekly yoga or group exercise.
I threw out my back this past fall, and my exercise routine went to crap. I’m in the process of rehabbing my back so that I can get back into a regular routine.

// Find new gluten-free recipes.

// AIP diet to discover other bothersome foods.
This was SO incredibly helpful, but it also created a ton of anxiety for me. Maybe another day in the future I will take the time to do this again and reintroduce food in the correct amount of time. Regardless, it helped me find some trigger foods.

// Earlier bedtime.

// Getting off my phone by 9p.
I was good with this for a few weeks…and then went back to routine.

// Start a garden!
YES! We loved our little garden plot, and I’m hoping to add different herbs to it this year.

2. Intentional Time

As all of you married folks with kids know, you have to work hard to make time for your marriage and friendships. Writing these down on paper helps us not just settle for Netflix nights (even though I cherish those too!).

// Weekly meetings (helps us communicate about the week’s schedule and setting expectations for us both).

// Find a church community.
Still working on this…

// Plan outings with friends and neighbors.
I’d give us a B- on this.

// Continue going to book club :)

// Go to local events.
While recovering from a celiac diagnosis + having an insane travel schedule, I feel like we didn’t have much time to appreciate our local culture + events. I hope this year we will have more down time.

// Find a babysitter.

// Setting apart time bi-monthly to do something together as a family (hiking, day trip, etc.).

// Plan our anniversary trip!
We went to Northern Michigan + Austin!

// Plan New Mexico trip!

// Regular Sabbaths (twice a month?).
We did this a few times, but ideally it would have been more.

3. MorningWild

I’ve been in this business for 12 years, and I believe in setting goals every season. It helps me not settle into routine and to keep striving for the best experience for each person that interacts with MorningWild.

// Explore some outsourcing to allow more time for shooting. 

// Update client management software for 2019 pricing and workflows.

// Migrate all galleries back to Pixieset and upload old galleries for online storage.

// Create an intern binder.


// Start a weekly social media plan. Sign-up for Tailwind.
Tailwind was life-changing for my SM game. I was much more consistent in posting with the help of this app. I highly recommend.

// Consider growing the team.
More to come on this very soon… ;)

// Hire fall intern.

4. Embrace Creativity

There’s no doubt from looking at last year’s goals that self-care was a last priority. I’m working harder in 2019 to change this.

// Learn a new art form (pottery? drawing?)
I took a pottery class and realized it wasn’t my thing. I have so much respect for those who can do it well!

// Finish #emertlangeproject
Maybe this year…

// Less social media, more books, more movies, more inspirational visuals.
Working on this still. I did make it through almost 50 books this year, which was wonderful.

// Shoot more film
Maybe in 2020?

// Shoot more for myself (more of our family).
Guilty. Definitely need to pull out my camera more.

// Carve out time for reflection (possibly on a Sabbath day?).

// Catch up on family books.

// Kitt’s two year video.

I’m actually impressed that I made it through most of my goals from last year! I truly believe that Powersheets helped me attain my goals much faster than traditional list making. I promise they don’t sponsor me at all. I just like to share about products I love when they work well.

GOALS for 2020

Self Care

I wrote: “I can’t serve my family or others well if I’m a mess” haha ;) In all seriousness, I learned my lesson last year. I took on way too much in the fall, and it cost me my mental + physical health.

// See a manual therapist regularly to rehab back.

// Work with a PT to strengthen muscles to prevent future injuries.

// Get back into a weekly yoga routine.

// Be strict with a DF diet (stop sneaking cheese!), and limit sugar intake

// Get out in nature daily.

// Schedule alone time.

Quality Time

I have a strong desire to find a better work/life balance and spend more time with my family.

// Plan two days off per week.

// Sabbath day once a month.

// SM free on days off.

// Leave phone upstairs at night to limit SM use in the evening.

// Weekly hikes as a family.


I have big plans for the year, and some of them I can’t announce just yet. Here are a few of the smaller goals that I can list…

// Schedule more boudoir work. I truly love these types of sessions!

// Build an editing course…TBD. The other big project might take all of my extra energy for 2020.

// Invest in one educational opportuntity.

// Update website.

// Update/create guides for families, weddings, and boudoir.

// Work on consistent monthly Pinterest content.

// Monthly newsletters.

Fuel Creativity

Experiencing the arts fills my soul with joy and filters into my client work. Invest time here.

// Replace Netflix binging with creative content while editing.

// Watch more documentaries.

// Learn four piano pieces.

// Spend less time on the phone so that there is more space to think.

// Finish #emertlangeproject.

// Engage in creative endeavors on date nights (movies, art museum, plays, concerts).

Adventure More

Healthy body, healthy mind.

// Find new trails in AVL/TN.

// Make time to hike + bike at least once a week.

// Plan trips for the year (Banff/Maine/N. Michigan).

// Consider getting into climbing or swimming?

If you’ve shared about your goals online, I’d love to read them and cheer you on! Please share in the comments!