With a distinctive interpretation of light and shadow, Megan creates photographs that transcend beyond the ordinary.



With a background in photojournalism, Megan approaches boudoir photography with a similar eye. She has a heart for making women feel beautiful in their bodies; collaborating with a shared vision to produce art; and creating an experience that leaves her clients feeling at ease and like themselves. 

Megan's approach to boudoir photography is a blend of kinetic portraiture, dramatic lighting, and imaginative compositions. With a distinctive interpretation of light and shadow, she creates photographs that transcend beyond the ordinary.

In her spare time, you can find her hiking with her family in the Blue Ridge Mountains, reading a suspense novel with a cozy blanket and a cup of coffee, exploring exceptional restaurants, planning her next trip with her husband, and playing the piano late into the night.



Artist statement

We spend most of our lives feeling insecure about ourselves, thanks to the culture we were raised in. I’m an Asheville boudoir photographer because I love watching women walk out of these experiences more confident. They value their bodies more. They can see their beauty and strength in an unfiltered way. They can see that their bodies have grown humans, birthed them, fed them, raised them. The scars and stretch marks show we are warriors in our own right.

My vision, first and foremost, is that our time together will be empowering.

Second, I want to create artful, meaningful photographs for you. I want to memorialize you in this season of life. The years fly by quicker than we can grasp onto them, and photos are the only proof that we lived through them. Yes, boudoir photography can be a beautiful gift for a partner, but my hope is that it will be an even greater gift for yourself.




This is a small sample of my boudoir portfolio. Please connect to receive access to the full gallery and to peruse my services list.

I don’t want to make images that are forgettable. I want to make the ones you cannot live without.



Boudoir photography is incredibly personal and requires a level of vulnerability that most people only reveal with those they are closest to. My style of boudoir is subtle. The light sets the mood, and the rest is an interpretation of form, shape, and beauty. Every client that steps in front of my camera has a different reason for being there. Whatever it is, I'm there to support you in your journey.

Let's make art.


You’ve invested in an incredible part of your legacy. I believe that these photographs are something to be cherished and seen. There will come a day when this version of technology will be obsolete , so it is important to print your photos.

There are several ways to artfully display your images. Some clients choose large canvases for their home. Others prefer a book to be more discreet. Loose prints make a lovely heirloom all the same. 

These images were not meant to live on your computer

Classic books lay flat with a very subtle crease in the middle.

Classic book pages are thick, and the paper has a slight sheen to it.

Fine art books are designed one image per page. 

Fine art books are saddle-stiched with a leather cover and leather tie.

Fine art books are printed on handmade cotton paper that is only crafted in Amalfi, Italy. The paper has deckled edges that give it an elevated, artistic touch.

classic books + fine art books