I don’t want to make images that are forgettable. I want to make the ones you cannot live without.


Let's make art

Once I became a parent, the days felt like they were slipping away from me faster than I could grasp onto them. I would blink, and my son would transition from crawling to running. He would no longer fall asleep on me. He would no longer fit in my arms like he had the month before. There were days that I would just try to permanently memorize how our life looked and felt in that very moment because I knew it would change in a heartbeat.

This is why I believe in capturing the reality of your life happening right now. It’s a time that is rarely photographed because you’re too busy living it. Your grandchildren will want to see what your everyday life is like. Your kids will want to remember how you looked day-to-day.

I love when a family trusts me to come into their home and document the real moments that they have with their children: the messy yogurt feedings in a high chair; the quick tears after stumbling from learning to walk; the hugging (and fighting) of sibling love; all of the toddler tantrums; the cuddling; the curiosity of a child...

These moments are fleeting.

While they may be routine happenings of the everyday, I believe that they are incredibly important to be preserved because they won't last forever. I would love to get to know your family and capture their special quirks and silly habits.

Real Life Family Sessions are ideally an all-day event. I recommend a minimum of 2-4 hours of time so that I can fully capture personalities and routines. Shorter sessions are recommended for younger children (newborn-12 mos.).

○   a minimum of two hours of coverage
○   online gallery
○   high-resolution images

Every offering includes:

real life family sessions

○   Albums
○   Books
○   Legacy Box
○   Classic prints
○   Fine art prints
○   Wall art

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Additional services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real life session?

Real Life Sessions are different than the typical family portrait. They are more involved, (2-6 hours), in and around the home, honoring everyday routines and rituals. 90% of our time will be spent documenting, and 10% will be spent on portraits.

Additional services include:

will we take any portraits?

90% of our time together will be focused on documenting your life as it is. I have found portraits to be incredibly draining on families, especially those under the age of five. Too much time focused on perfect smiles can take away from the real life documentation. To keep our time together as honest and energetic as possible, we will most likely only spend 15-20 minutes on directed (natural-looking) portraits.

How real do you mean?

Some families spend their time truly going through their day as is (yes, in pajamas and all). Others prefer to incorporate the favorite parts of the week into our session while dressed a little nicer than a typical day. I will photography it all:  the smiles, the tantrums, the mess, the sibling fights, and the love.

is our daily life too boring?

No! While it might feel mundane to go through the motions, there are so many beautiful moments that transpire throughout everyday actions. That is the purpose of these sessions:  to honor what is real.

do you offer lifestyle/posed sessions?

Not at this time. I have found my heart in real life family work, and I feel like I serve my clients best when I get to artfully document them in this way. I'm happy to send recommendations for photographers who offer more traditional family portraits.

do you offer mini sessions?

Not at this time. To offer the type of experience I want to give my clients, it cannot be done in less than two hours of time. I truly feel like the time invested makes for better moments and genuine connection. Great art takes time to make. 

Do we have to photograph at home?

While most of my family clients prefer to host these sessions at their home, I do have some families that travel to Asheville from out of town and want photos on their vacation. We can absolutely plan a session around an experience (i.e. camping, time at an airbnb, hiking, etc.)