samoyed puppy four months

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything personal because wedding season has been so crazy the past few months.  Poa is already almost seven months, but these photos are from four to six months.  He’s still a troublemaker, but thankfully he’s adjusted to our sleep schedule.  We’re learning that the Samoyed breed is incredibly stubborn, but also smart. He picks up everything from the trainer super quick, but he will only obey on his time.  At least he has a cute face ;)samoyed puppysamoyed puppies getting into troublepoa our samoyed

We drove the long 15-hour journey with Poa to visit our families in Michigan.  My sister-in-law graduated from high school, we went to the beach (Poa LOVED the freedom!), and I slept most of the week on the couch with a sinus infection (boo!). It was still a great time, and we’re looking forward to visiting when Michigan has warmer weather in August.samoyedssamoyed at the beach

Poa cracked us up because he kept trying to bite the waves when they crashed into the shoreline.  He kept following the waves down the beach.
samoyed playing in water

We weren’t sure how Poa would take to the water, but we think he actually liked it!wet samoyed

If you wanted to know what a 1/2 wet Samoyed looks like….here it is!  Look how skinny those legs are!samoyed digging

Oh…and Poa loved to dig in the sand.  He’s not allowed to in our yard, so he was crazy excited with getting to dig wherever he wanted on the beach!

The next few are iPhone grabs…

Congrats to Brit!

My hair is out of control. And, my bro (here) just got a puppy too.  Sadly, we didn’t get to meet “Blue” because he was just brought home last week!

Poa was amazing in the car!  We were shocked!  He was a trooper and slept in the backseat most of the trip.  (Right) A typical night…Poa sleeping in my spot before I get to bed.

This is Poa’s new favorite thing.  He loves climbing on furniture halfway and just chillin’.  

(Thanks Abbi for this photo of me working with Madeline + John a couple weeks ago.)