A few weeks back, I asked my past couples to share their favorite image that I captured on their wedding day. I shared a few of these stories on Instagram last week, but I wanted to use this space to share a few more.

I know for me personally, our favorite wedding photos have changed over the years. When we were newlyweds, I admired the portraits of us the most. As the years went on, the photos of our family + friends became more meaningful, especially the photos of those who had passed away.

This project was a fun way to reconnect with some of my couples from the past twelve years. It was also a beautiful reminder of why I do what I do.

Thank you to each couple that took the time to share. I wasn’t able to include all of the stories into this post without it being forever long, but I hope you all know how much each of you and your stories mean to me.


ANNA + JEFF (2015)

It’s SO hard to choose our favorite wedding shot, they’re all gorgeous and my favorite thing to look at :). I kept coming back to this one, and the word “safe” is what is resonating as I studied it. As cliche as it may sound, that is my safe place, in his arms. HE is my safe place. We are a little over a month away from having a baby (eek!) and I have really been feeling grateful for the time he and I have had together, just us, building a foundation of love to bring a new life into. This picture sort of represents all of that to me, all of those feelings I have, rolled up into that hug. Funny how the meaning of it changes over time, isn’t it? I loved the picture before, but it has a new life in it for me now. 



There actually two photos as I think they tell a story. I remember this moment very well. No words were spoken between me and my dad in this moment, but he simply gave me a kiss on the cheek and a very loving pat on the cheek as he did my whole life when he was telling me how proud he was. 

I remember staring at the photo on our mantel of him giving me a kiss, the day before I was due to fly home last year just before he passed away. While looking at the photo a lot of thoughts and memories were going through my head. I was very realistic in what was going to happen once I got home and I knew it would be the last time I saw him. But this photo gave me such joy and I could imagine him walking up to me and giving me that kiss on the cheek letting me know he was proud of me and that I would be okay. 

Every time I look at this photo all I can think of is how thankful I am that you were there to capture it. 



ELLY + AARON (2016)

I always wanted it to rain on my wedding day. So did Aaron. Anyone who knows my dad knows he’s obsessed w/ the weather.. and he DIDN’T know I wanted it to rain. So while I’m all ready to start the ceremony, he was in the other room checking the radar and frantically telling everyone to wait, the storm would pass. Finally, someone told him that’s what I wanted and he got it. I didn’t plan to hold my dads hand, I didn’t plan to drop the umbrella before walking down the aisle, it just happened. What’s also super sweet is Aaron held his mom’s hand walking down the aisle too which I got to see looking at the photos later. I was so present during this moment. I remember looking at everyone’s face and feeling so loved. I remember my husbands best friend saying “she’s walking without an umbrella, that’s so badass.” I remember it all and this photo just takes me back there. It was a magical moment and I love how Megan captured it and that you can see the rain and the house that we got married in, and spent so much time there that week w/ our friends and family.




I wondered if it’s strange that it is not one of Colin and me, but my most cherished photo is this one of my Dad and I dancing. He is such a source of strength and support for our family. He also tends to be a more stoic man and I have never seen him more fully surrendered to his emotion. That moment alone makes this photo a precious one. When I look at his face I see how deeply proud he is of me as his daughter. A secret delight only parents understand. This photo holds all of the drama of our dance, (it is as if you can hear our Italian opera playing in the background!).



Brian was so happy, I think maybe even happier because of the rain. I’m looking behind me to see if any of my bridesmaids have run for cover yet… and amazed to see them all still standing there. Only people who love us a lot would’ve sat through that storm… and yet everyone did. 



With the hustle and bustle of our wedding day, it was definitely a challenge to take it all in. The photos from our wedding are moments in time that fit together like still shots, and make the memories of that day come flooding back. This image, above all others, is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Our family has been everything to this woman, and in turn she has been everything to my family. I think this picture perfectly portrays just that. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have had a bond like ours, and forever indebted to you (our photographer) for this image. 


JAIMIE + JOHN (2014)

Mine is the photo of John and my dad hugging when Dad and I got to the end of the aisle at the start of the ceremony. I think this is one of my favorites because I didn’t actually witness, or register, that moment. You can see I’m looking down! It’s just so beautiful and I’m endlessly grateful you captured it. It makes me happy every time I see it.



I’ve attached (one of our many) favorite wedding photos. We chose this photo because it perfectly captures everything we experienced together on this day: excitement, pure joy, disbelief, and of course lots of love. Even with our closest family and friends watching close by, we still felt like we just created the coolest inside secret between the two of us..we got MARRIED! 

We felt so weightless during these photos with you.

Thank you for capturing these moments in time. Every time I see our wedding photos I’m reminded of how I felt in exact moments, and that is such a special keepsake.




We’ve shared many picnics in Sheep Meadow, and we got engaged at Bethesda Fountain. In this picture, I have no memory of what was said… but the way Brandon is looking at me with my mouth wide open and a belly laugh surely escaping, makes me incredibly happy and content to look back on.

I’d also like to add that another special moment, that I didn’t know would be so special at the time, were some photos you captured of Brandon and me with my Aunt Pam just outside the hotel, as we were heading to Central Park. The summer after our wedding she was was diagnosed with leukemia and died a couple months before our first anniversary. Those photos mean everything to me.



Obviously there are way too many favorites to choose from for so many reasons, but I keep coming back to this one! I loved the weather…I can still feel how cold and windy it was with the clouds rushing over us. I love how we are holding hands and he is leading me (and making sure I’m not going to fall off the wall!). The wind really worked in my dress’ favor too!


JENN + CJ (2013)

The photo that I picked is from our small elopement with our immediate family in preparation for a move to Germany with the intent on having a large wedding a year later, but life happened.  I’ve had people ask if I’m disappointed that I did not get my “fairytale” wedding and, of course, I do wish that we could have celebrated with more family and friends.  I, however, look at this picture that is so green and beautiful with the light shining on us and it looks like it is pulled from a fairytale. Seeing this photo, I remember how perfect the day was that we started our life together and I have no regrets.   



This one may seem like a strange choice, but it’s the one that stood out to me the most from the moment we got our gallery. All my grandparents on my mom’s side have passed so this shot of my parents and my dad’s parents contains all my living relatives directly up line from me. And my grandfather has always cried at everything, from prayers over family meals to watching us jump out to surprise my grandma for her 75th birthday. This is a moment I never would have seen if you hadn’t captured it and it has so much personal meaning for me.


KATIE + LUKE (2013)

This is my favorite picture from our wedding. It’s still framed in our living room (along with 8 others). What I LOVE about this picture is that I’m laughing at Luke but it’s such a candid shot. It’s as if we were sneaking off from all the guests to just enjoy being married. Luke always keeps me laughing, even when I’m trying to be mad at him. He gets me, and he knows how to always make me smile. I also love the framing of this photo. It makes it whimsical, again like we snuck away from our wedding guest for a romantic get away.

MEL & JOSIAH (2011)

This one gives me chills still. I can vividly remember the moment and the photo brings that all back for us. It’s love, and protection, and excitement all wrapped up in one picture.



Of all the fav shots, this is our favorite because it encapsulates the love, the mood, the style, the day, the location, the vibe, all into one photo. We call it out GQ shot because somehow you made us look like fashionistas!



Matt and I have the kind of relationship that’s always been easy—always laughing and joking around with one another in a way that’s loving and light.  We’re truly each other’s best friend.  This image, to us, is a window to that and the joy we bring each other every day.


RACHEL + PHIL (2015)

I love everything about this photo: the details, the look on Phil’s face, everything. This is my favorite one of the two of us.



My favorite picture from my wedding of me and Todd…. I love the image because we are just genuinely happy and you can tell.


SHAY + TONY (2017)

Choosing just one image from that morning was so incredibly difficult! 

That being said, the image above would have to be my favorite. This view of the landscape is one that has always been a powerful one for me, as this space is grown to be symbolic of so much over the years. That morning, I was feeling what I can only describe as “static.” It wasn’t anxiety, doubt, unease, or anything I actually know a word for, but it was such an overwhelming sense that I felt I couldn’t actually focus on anything else. But as soon as the rhododendron cleared and I saw Tony standing there, in that place, waiting for me… the furor quieted, and I just felt this sense of peace. I felt a comfortable calm, a strength. And I re-feel that sense of settling into something secure, something sure and absolute and steadying, each time I see this image.

I have to express again what an incredible gift you have for capturing the powerful emotions of a moment and how thankful Tony and I both are to have had you with us on our wedding day.