Ivory and Justin planned their Asheville elopement from afar. In fact, they had originally planned to elope in Greece, but ultimately switched plans stateside with the ongoing pandemic.

Ivory and I grew up together in Michigan, and it was such a treat to see them take in the beauty of the Carolinas. They planned every detail; however, no one could predict the weather.

Their September elopement fell on an incredibly rainy fall day. As is typical in this part of the world, the rain drizzled on and off for hours.

Ivory put on her boho dress in the woods, and then she hiked down the trail with her friends. Justin and their family witnessed her entrance through a field of goldenrod and mountain views.

As the rain began (again), their family pulled up their umbrellas and makeshift rain protectors to guard against the weather. Ivory and Justin exchanged vows and kissed as the rain fell around them like confetti.

As we hiked to the summit, the rain began to pour. I don’t know if I’ve ever hiked in such rainy weather before. The trail became a river, and Ivory plowed through each muddy step barefoot. When I say that Ivory and Justin are troopers, I really mean it.

Goosebumps crawled up their arms, and they held each other close, taking in the never-ending rain. I never heard them complain once about the weather. They just chalked it up to a good story to tell some day in the future.

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