This is the third part in a series of my favorite business (and personal) tools. Here is the lineup:

// Software
// iPhone apps
// Tangible products (packaging)
// Camera Gear
// Travel


While we like to live minimally, I do cherish the few tangibles that we do have. They have to be sentimental, useful, or make us happy simply by their beauty. I truly love sending my couples something tangible with their collection, as it physically connects them to their images and the experience. Here are my favorite companies to work with:

Renaissance Albums


I’ve admired the quality of Renaissance Albums for years because their albums are stunning. The craftsmanship is superb. Photographers, their pricing system is a little bit confusing, but their support staff is wonderful, if you ever get stuck.

Red Tree Albums

Their paper is beautiful, and they make your photos look incredible. I highly, highly recommend them. I also think their ordering process is one of the simplest on the market.

Artifact Uprising

I’ve worked with AU for years, and my biggest disappointment is their ordering system. It changes every couple of months, it is slow, and it is confusing. This was the biggest reason that I migrated from their product to Red Tree. Their staff is incredible, and I think their products are just lovely. Their mission statement also connects with me on a deeper level. I’m mentioning them here because I still believe in their product, and I love printing with them for personal use.

Richard Photo Lab

By far, my favorite online print company for professionals. I love their quick turnaround, and their print quality is fantastic.

Indie Print Co.

I’ve worked with Indie for film processing before, and they just launched their new print studio! I’m hoping to integrate a few of their products into client gifts this year. Check them out!


I’ve sourced my welcome books through Magcloud for the past seven years (now they are owned by Blurb), and I’m still impressed by the quality of their product. They are one of the few companies that you can print publications through on a small scale.

Make & Stow

My legacy boxes are sourced through Make & Stow, and I’m a huge fan. There are many, many companies that sell wooden boxes for photographers, but the quality and craftsmanship of M&S boxes stand out above the rest.

Paper Source/Paper Presentation

My favorite sites for paper products (stationary, envelopes, markers, etc.)

Asheville Bee Charmer/French Broad Chocolates/Whist/Duncan and York

I just adore supporting these four local businesses for welcome gifts and thank you gifts. They all curate beautifully designed pieces that I’m excited to gift.


I try to support small businesses as much as I can, but Amazon is a winner for small things like twine, clear bags, muslin bags, etc.


If you can’t find it anywhere else, you can probably find it on Etsy. I source my lavender and linen for packaging from two shops on here.


Uline has every shape and color you could ever need for boxes. While I wish there were a slightly more beautiful way to ship a product (if only the post office would accept it!), Uline gets the job done.