I’m excited to introduce Brittany on the blog today! If you’re one of my fall couples, you’ll probably see her around quite a bit! This girl is insanely talented, and I can’t wait to see how she grows over the next few months. Here is more about her:

I’m mama to a darling two-year-old girl named Amelia June, wife to a Naval Aviator, and a photographer. Growing up in a military family and having a military spouse has led to a fairly nomadic life. Moving so frequently has been a great gift to me. It has given me the chance to meet a diverse group of people from all over the country. It has fueled my love of travel and desire to learn about other cultures. It has also given me the need to document important moments in my ever-changing life through photography. That is why I’m so passionate about wedding photography. It’s such a monumental moment in someone’s life, a point in time which all other life events are centered around. To whiteness two people of different backgrounds and experiences embark on a new adventure together is such a powerful and wonderful thing. I look forward to learning how I can better serve my couples through this internship with Megan.

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