Crystal and Pat’s Mammoth Lakes wedding photos are some of my favorites from 2019. I knew from the moment Crystal and I jumped on FaceTime that she was an incredible human with the most beautiful, peaceful energy.

Crystal is an ER doctor, and Pat is an emergency rescue worker at Yosemite. They both save and serve people in their careers, and their hearts for people are evident in the way they connect with those closest to them. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more sincere person than Crystal.

The weather in Mammoth Lakes, CA, quickly went from 65º and sunny to 40º with 40 mph winds, hail and snow. They ultimately decided to move their ceremony location from Forest Chapel to hosting everything at the Victory Lodge so that their guests wouldn’t suffer outdoors in the freezing temps.

Crystal spent the morning with her nieces and close friends. They had an energy exchange ceremony, in which each friend shared positive thoughts toward Crystal and Pat. I could see the all nerves and stress melt away in that moment, as everyone honestly shared their feelings and love for the couple.

With the amazing team of Green Fox Events + Unwritten Florals, they were able to keep the ceremony outdoors with the incredible views. I have to give major props to the team because it was insanely difficult to work outside in that wind + cold, let alone stabilizing the triangle altarpiece from falling over in the wind. Crystal and Pat were also troopers for standing outside in that weather.

We escaped for a little bit to take in the golden hour mountain views before the sun hid behind the mountains. As it started to snow, their guests hunkered down for the night in the luxurious cabin, drinking and dancing the night away.

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