I can’t believe our sweet boy is already two months! I can say now that I truly understand the saying “the days are long but the years are short.” I blink and he goes from wearing newborn clothes to six months. He has already started smiling, rolling over, and reaching for toys. He’s starting to find his voice, and we cannot wait to hear what his laugh sounds like.

Looking back, the first four weeks were the hardest. Everything was new, and I felt like I didn’t know how to do anything. Breastfeeding was incredibly challenging. Having a child that takes an HOUR to put to sleep for every nap is exhausting. Figuring out how to wash cloth diapers was like taking a college class. Not having a schedule or any consistency was the probably the most difficult aspect of newborn life. And, learning how to function on little sleep was not fun. Sleep deprivation brought out some of the worst parts of me. Brendan and I said I’m sorry to each other probably more than any other phrase, if I’m being real :)

However, Kitt has brought out the best parts of me. There’s a nurturing side to me that I never knew existed. I’ve developed a whole new level of patience and peace when I’m around him (albeit, I still have a lot to learn). He’s softened my heart. And, together, we’ve figured out breastfeeding, getting through his first cold, functioning on no sleep, and somewhat crafting a routine… We’re slowly starting to learn who he is.

Some days I just stare at him, almost in tears, thinking about how much I love and adore this child.

There are a million more happy moments for each difficult moment:  watching him smile for the first time; cuddling with him at night…and all day; watching him smile as he falls asleep; listening to his goofy noises; splashing during bath time; wearing little clothes; observing him stare at the sky in absolute wonderment.

It’s all worth it.


Left, one month. Right, two months.