This sunrise elopement on the Blue Ridge Parkway created the most stunning environment for beautiful photos! But, don’t let looks deceive. The temps were very chilly, and the wind was strong enough to blow us off our feet. Thankfully, we had a beautiful sunrise that warmed up the mountaintop and gave us clear views.

Originally, Brittany and Mike planned a much larger wedding. After months of deliberating, they decided to have two celebrations: an elopement in the morning followed by a small reception at Rhubarb in the evening (with a nap in between).

While the world was still dark, we hiked with headlamps. They changed out of their hiking clothes just in time to watch the sun peek over the horizon. We braved the cold weather for about 30 minutes before it was time to meet their families halfway down for their ceremony.

Their ceremony in the pine tree forest was brief but lovely. Everyone bundled up in winter jackets with their breath suspended in the air. After a few photos, we hiked out as a group and met up later in the evening for their reception.

Smash Events created a lovely romantic vibe at Rhubarb. The delicate floral arrangements mixed with the industrial vibe of the restaurant were perfect! It was a laid-back gathering with their closest friends and family. After a few emotional toasts, everyone dined on the delectable food prepared by the chef.

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