I’m sitting here at a cafe, browsing through these hilarious behind the scenes images from last year. Whenever I look through my intern/second shooter’s take, I always find (typically) unflattering images of myself, usually making a super intense concentrating face. However, sometimes there are ones that I store in a folder on my desktop. These special few showcase me in my element, enjoying the heck out of my work. Most people don’t have photos taken of them while they’re working, so I believe these images are a special gift.

All of the images taken of me below were either photographed by Bailey or Brittany.

photographing a llama

One of the most important thing I teach my interns is how to photograph around farm life. Kidding. Sort of.

photographing around cows

The reason I have an acupuncturist and a massage therapist on call.


When you hire me, know that I not only take photos, but I also fix hair, fluff dresses, adjust makeup, and make sure you are taken care of.


I think Brittany and I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to get this dress to balance on the light without losing it to the ground.


I truly love this work. I’m almost always smiling behind the camera.

Styling details + ring shots.

If I’m not smiling, I have RBF because I’m concentrating really hard.

Trying to decide if I should use flash or try catch bridal party before they enter the barn to have natural light (definitely chose the latter).

Even after 12 years and 200+ weddings, I still get butterflies and nerves before the ceremony is about to start.

Brittany. Perfect subject for light testing…

…especially for long exposures…

…and family photo locations.

She’s going to hate me for sharing these :) But really, look how fun our internship is!

Bailey always knows how to make everyone feel comfortable.

This was a really early call time for an elopement. But, we were able to experience the most magical sunrise. On the way, we pulled over a few times to take in the sky.

Sneaking cocktail hour food (the couple insisted ;)) This is always the point of max hunger on a wedding day.

My feelings encapsulated in one image about drunk people waving fire around at the end of a wedding night. (hah!) Thankfully, these guests were careful and no one caught on fire this time.

What it takes to get the flower girls to cooperate and look at the camera.

When you hire me, know that I’m really great at making faces.

Pretty sure this is the, “WAIT! I want to steal you for just one more minute for one more photo.”

Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t panic. I was only sort of on the edge of a cliff.

Hope you enjoyed a small peek at what it looks like behind the scenes.