There are a lot of posts circling Facebook with photos of cell phones blocking the aisle and photographers begging couples to ask guests to turn off their phones during the ceremony. Here’s my take:

You do you.

Ultimately, it’s your day. How do you want to experience it? Do you want to look out into the crowd during your ceremony and see smiling/crying faces or a sea of cell phones? Do you want the photos your friends are taking? There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

My experience as a photographer.

99% of the time, I can move around cell phones and iPads without it interfering with your images. So, don’t worry about me in the least. However, know that there are sometimes phones and limbs that make it into the frame, which can be impossible to remove. 

Sadly, I’ve seen lots of weddings interrupted by phones + guest cameras. I once had a father-of-the-groom block his son’s view of the bride coming down the aisle because he was taking photos with his SLR in front of him. It broke my heart. Not to mention the 100 times I’ve heard cell phones ring during sacred moments.

My personal experience.

When my brother married his wife a few years ago, I begged my parents to keep their phones tucked away during the ceremony. I told them that Nick + Jamie would rather have photos of their expressions than of their phones in front of their faces. My mom said it was important to her to have those memories captured on her phone. Ultimately, they didn’t pull out their phones, and their photographer captured incredibly special moments of my parents during the ceremony. They’re some of my favorite photos from their wedding. 

emotional wedding photography

Ultimately, I think less cell phones = more genuine moments + expressions. I also think your guests can experience the ceremony more wholeheartedly if they’re not distracted by their phones. However, we do live in the 21st century, and phones have become almost a third arm to our existence. You should do what feels best.

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