BEST OF 2021

In the past fourteen years of my career as an Asheville photographer, I don’t know if there has been one as challenging as 2021. About 40% of my 2020 couples opted to move their weddings to 2021 because of the pandemic. This made some months much busier than I would normally schedule, but I wanted to make sure that both my 2020 and 2021 couples had dates available to host their events. I think everyone in the wedding industry has been in survival mode for the past two years and is elated for the 2022 season when things will hopefully return to a more normal state.

Even with the additional stress and lack of sleep that 2021 brought, it was a heck of a great year :)

It was incredible to be reunited and finally celebrate with my couples that had been planning with me for over two years! It was amazing to be able to gather again in a safer environment with the availability of vaccines. 2021 was filled with hope and jubilation.

I photographed 22 weddings, 7 elopements, and 24 sessions…most of those occurring between September-November. I also was on 35 flights this season, which made for a very busy year.

To my 2020/2021 couples: you are amazing people. I give you so much credit for planning multiple events/backup plans in such a strange time in our history. You made this year rewarding and special. Thank you for choosing me and working with all of your vendors to make your wedding happen successfully and safely.

As a family, we are looking forward to 2022. We are planning to welcome our second child into our family in early March, as well as hopefully finish and move into our new house in August. There are many exciting things on the horizon!

This is always my favorite post to compile. I adore reminiscing through all of the moments of the past year. I hope you enjoy looking through as well. If you wish to dig deeper, I’ve linked my past best of posts below.


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