the lyerly family and their last days at home

raleigh, north carolina

The Lyerlys invited me into their home to capture their last afternoon in Raleigh before they moved to Boone. They nostalgically remembered that their first night in the house was when they brought their first daughter, Daisy, home from the hospital. It is a place filled with many more memories: bare feet on wooden floors, chickens clucking in the yard, and a small garden that brings the family together.

Moving is always bittersweet, but their new adventure in the mountains is well worth the journey.

We spent the afternoon enjoying a very normal day. There were tantrums, tears, TV time, snacks, laughter, and snuggles. We walked across the street from their house to splash in the puddles that the rain left behind earlier that day. After cleaning up, the kids worked together to bake brownies…and eat most of the batter.

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