I believe in creating a learning experience for my interns that helps them prepare for their own business ventures. It’s not an internship where you carry bags and work on spreadsheets. You will be shooting frequently and constantly pushed creatively. The time dedicated to the internship is split between second shooting and coaching sessions. Weddings + sessions typically occur on weekends and are all over NC (sometimes elsewhere). Coaching sessions are spent learning software, workflow, business practices, editing—anything you want to learn that I can teach you. I’m an open book. Coaching sessions are flexible to your schedule but occur in Asheville, NC or online.

The ideal candidate has their own gear (Canon preferred), quasi-local to Asheville, and can commit for a season (3-4 months). However, above all else, I’m looking for someone who is eager to learn, creatively-minded, and enjoyable to be around. The internship is offered twice a year during the spring (March-June) and fall (August-November) seasons. Applications are reviewed in early February and mid-July. Interested?  Apply here.

Q + A
How many hours do I need to commit?
This is a part-time internship. Time is split between second shooting and coaching sessions. Weddings occur almost every weekend (8-10 hours each), and coaching sessions are scheduled around your availability. There is no busy work attached to this position :)
What are coaching sessions?
I don’t believe in interns working for free, especially to get nothing out of the experience. I created this internship as an opportunity for photographers to learn organically through second shooting and to also have intentional time set apart for them. Coaching sessions are uniquely fitted to their level of experience and learning aspirations. It is a time to ask questions, to have constructive critiques, and to thoroughly learn about running a successful photography business.
Can I shadow you?
Unfortunately, I do not offer this type of opportunity. I believe in providing an unbelievable experience for my couples, and I only bring people who I trust to such pivotal days. If you cannot commit to the internship, I highly recommend signing up for a mentor session.
Is the internship paid?
Yes. Interns are paid an hourly rate for the time spent photographing weddings. Interns may attend portrait sessions for experience/portfolio building, but they are not required nor paid.
What if I have my own weddings or sessions booked?
Before hiring, we will compare schedules to make sure that we’re a good fit! I absolutely want you to be able to shoot your own weddings and commit to personal obligations. However, I also want to hire someone that can commit for a season so that he/she/they can get the most out of the experience.
Can I apply if I’m not based in Asheville?
Absolutely! In fact, most of my weddings are scattered all around the Carolinas, so we will be doing a lot of traveling. In the past, I’ve Zoomed with out-of-town interns for coaching sessions if necessary.
Can I use the images in my portfolio?
Definitely! I want you to leave this internship with a solid portfolio and head full of knowledge to get your business off the ground. My interns have the right to share their photos across all social media platforms and their website/blog.