a normal day for the hollanders

Long island, ny

The Hollanders incorporated the things they love to do together as a family: dancing in the living room; playing with a new birthday gift; chasing bubbles in the backyard; sitting down for a few minutes on the iPad; putting together puzzles; and giving unlimited hugs.

Their French bulldog even took part in the fun. In fact, he likes chasing bubbles more than the girls do!

We finished our time at the beach. It was crowded, as most people attempted to get in one final beach day before the season was over. The girls twirled their ribbons in the wind and brought sandy feet home as souvenirs.

Kevin carried Jenna over the threshold when they returned from their honeymoon and spent the first night in this house. It was where they brought Amos home from the hospital, among many other milestones. They transformed the 1940s house into a beautifully decorated mid-century modern home.

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