Services include at least seven hours of coverage, an online gallery, and high-resolution images. Additional offerings include albums, books, rehearsal coverage, engagement sessions, prints, and more.


Offerings range from two hours to all-day adventure coverage. Every service includes an online gallery and high-resolution images. Additional offerings include albums, books, prints, and more.


Portrait sessions are one to two hours and include approximately 75-125 images. Currently offering engagement, bridal, individual portrait, and boudoir sessions.


Real Life sessions are different than the typical family portrait. They are more involved, (2-6 hours), in and around the home, honoring everyday routines and rituals. These minutes make up the majority of our existence, and I value capturing the truth and honesty of this part of life and in your family. Of course, we always make time to capture a few portraits as well. These sessions are best practiced with children between the ages of 1 and 12; however, they can be adjusted to fit any family.
Please inquire for a more detailed services list.


These photos were not meant to live on your computer.

You’ve invested in an incredible part of your legacy. I believe that these photographs are something to be cherished and seen. There will come a day when this version of technology will be obsolete (remember floppy drives?). To preserve this part of your family history, it is important to print your photos.
There are several ways to artfully display your images. Some couples choose large canvases for their home. Others prefer an album/book as a meaningful way to capture the many moments and story of the wedding day. Loose prints in a wooden box make a lovely heirloom all the same.
Do you have backup gear? Do you backup our photos?
Absolutely. And, backups to my backups. I always shoot with two camera bodies, and both cameras record to two memory cards. So, there are two backups naturally occurring while I’m photographing. But, if either of those fail, I always bring additional camera bodies and lenses.

Yes! I’m a little neurotic about making sure all images are backed up in at least three places until they are delivered to you. After delivery, the images are archived online and on a hard drive.
What is your turnaround time?
I guarantee six to eight weeks in my contract, but my average is two to four weeks.
Do we get rights to the photos?
All collections include printing privileges and high-resolution files. This means that you can pretty much do whatever you want with the images for personal use (print, make copies, post on social media), except sell + professionally publish them.
How many weddings have you photographed?
I’ve been a wedding photographer for 15 years and have photographed over 300 weddings in my career.
Do you work off of a shot list?
My couples receive a questionnaire a month out from the wedding day. I ask them to list any extraneous details that they would like photographed in addition to a family/friend groupings list. However, I respectfully do not like to work off of a “poses/Pinterest” list, as I believe in capturing genuine moments :)
Do you travel?
Enthusiastically yes! Typically, about half of my weddings each season are destination events. I’ve photographed couples in Greece, Mexico, Anguilla, St. Lucia, and all over the U.S.
How much do you charge for travel?
There is no travel fee within 100 miles of Asheville, NC, and sometimes I will waive fees for weddings in the Southeast or in Michigan. For other out-of-state or international weddings, I’m happy to custom quote :)
Where are you based?
We happily call Asheville, NC, home.

Our families reside in Muskegon, MI, so we travel there frequently as well.
Do you work with a second photographer? Do I need a second photographer?
Sometimes. My intern travels with me to most weddings, but if she/he/they are not available, you can choose a collection with a second photographer or add one on.

My rule of thumb is that a second is helpful for more than 150 guests. Or, if you and your partner are getting ready in two different places, it sometimes can be difficult for me to get to both locations in a timely fashion. Of 1000 images you would receive, typically only about 100 are from the second photographer.
Have you ever missed a wedding?
Never. I’ve photographed weddings with the flu, morning sickness, shingles, colds, extremely pregnant, in a hurricane, even after a car accident! It would take something extreme to miss your wedding.

On that note, I am human. If something wildly bizarre happened, I have a large network of photographers, locally and internationally, that can fill in for me in a heartbeat.
How many photos do you deliver?
For a typical 8-10 hour wedding day, I usually deliver between 800-1000 images (about 100 images/hour of coverage).
Do you have liability insurance?
Yes! If your venue needs proof, my agent can send it over.
Can we meet before the wedding day?
Please! I believe in building a relationship with each one of my couples and truly enjoy getting to know them well before the wedding day. If you can’t make it to Asheville, Zoom/FT is a great option.
What is a Real Life Family Session?
A Real Life Session most often takes place in the home. The majority of the session time is approached in a documentary fashion with a minimal amount of set-up portraits. The time is split 90% documenting, 10% candid portraits. These sessions range from two to eight hours of coverage.