It was one of those late fall days when the fog sits over the mountains after a storm. We weren’t sure if we were going to have any mountain views, but Katherine + Connor were just so excited to celebrate their elopement, it didn’t matter to them what the weather did.

We climbed to the pinnacle, hoping the fog would lift. When it didn’t, we reluctantly made our way back to the parkway for their vow exchange. Of course, after we made our way to the trailhead, the sun started to shine through the fog. After spending about 15 minutes attempting to make a decision, we finally felt like the pinnacle was the best place for them to read their letters to each other.

We hustled up the mountain again, knowing that the sunshine would not last. We found an overlook, and they read promises to each other just as the light started to turn orange. With the sun setting, tears running down their smiling faces, we managed to soak up about 10 minutes with color before everything faded into the night.

We woke up while the town was still asleep before 5:00 a.m. In four-wheel drive we made our way up several thousand feet searching for the light. Finally, it broke through the valley, and we planted ourselves in a beautiful field with only the mountains to witness their elopement.

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